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Designed and produced in Norway

Electrocompaniet has a great deal of experience in designing and manufacturing transistor amplifiers with the highest quality possible to obtain. From the very first products produced in the Grønland district of Oslo in 1973 Electrocompaniet has been used worldwide by enthusiasts and professionals who demand the most exact audio reproduction possible. Electrocompaniet has grown since its time in Oslo and we will always demand and strive to produce the finest audio equipment available anywhere, at any price.

In 1976 the acclaimed American magazine “The Audio Critic” defined our “Two Channel Audio Power Amplifier” as being the best amplifier available in the world. This praise from such a widely respected authority as “The Audio Critic” assured Electrocompaniet immediate international attention. From being a small company working from small premises, the telephone started ringing day and night. The postman delivered sack after sack of letters of inquiries and orders from every corner of the globe.

The 2 Channel Audio Power Amplifier, despite its humble name, is without doubt an all time classic. It sparked a lively international debate about the correlation between measured performance in the design laboratory and absolute audio performance. How could this unassuming 25 watts per channel amplifier sound so unquestionably better than every other amplifier? This modest amplifier was seen as being revolutionary and rapidly became the reference which all other amplifiers were measured against to reproduce the original recording. So emphatically positive was The Audio Critic about The 2 Channel Audio Power Amplifier that they went on writing the following; “Audio freaks – Eat your hearts out: This is the world’s best sounding amplifier, and you can’t buy one in this country.” High praise indeed although somewhat frustrating for their readers.

Today Electrocompaniet is the vanguard of the Norwegian audio industry. We operate from state of the art facilities with world-leading development and production tools in Tau near Stavanger in the beautiful Rogaland county. Our products continue to be much sought after by those who care about music reproduction, and we now export to more than fifty countries. Electrocompaniet is rightly proud of the achievements in both our home-market of Norway and internationally.

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